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DYNAMIC is the first and only publication dedicated entirely to Johnny Marr and his fandom, released digitally on a semi-regular basis.

Each lengthy issue features high quality articles covering various facets of Johnny's work and personality, live reviews, photography (including exclusive and previously unseen images), fan art and even interviews. In addition to working with Johnny himself, we've worked with many professional photographers, and talented writers both professional and hobbyist.

As well as the digital edition that is freely available online, we also produce a special one-off print edition of each issue for Johnny, as a special memento.
Latest Issue
In honour of Set The Boy Free's release, and to accompany our recent special print editions produced in association with Penguin Random House and Rough Trade, we're pleased to announce a new mini-edition of DYNAMIC to celebrate Johnny's fantastic book while we're taking a short hiatus from our regular issues.

Read the special edition now

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Our eternal thanks as always goes out to our generous and enthusiastic team of writers, artists and photographers. We hope you enjoy the special edition, and stay tuned for DYNAMIC's return later in 2017!

– The Dynamic Duo, aka Aly & Ory

Past Issues
Featured Content

The Tao of Marr
Nowism, Wu Wei and The Fourth Way: an exploration of Johnny Marr’s spiritual influences - from issue #5, December 2015

Raw and Rhythmic: The spirit of Bert Jansch in Johnny Marr
Paul Plimmer analyses Bert Jansch’s influence on Johnny - from issue #5, December 2015

Johnny Marr's Great Ideas
An examination of Johnny’s creative process, by MJ Zander - from issue #4, August 2015

Johnny Marr: Intellectual One with a Conceptual Gun
Jeanne Abicht discusses Johnny's position as an intellectual role model - from issue #4, August 2015

Every Word's Hidden Meaning
Our exclusive, in-depth interview with Johnny - from issue #3, April 2015

Places: Where The Hearts Are?
Dave Medley discusses geography in Johnny's lyrics - from issue #3, April 2015

The Body As A Canvas
The art and symbolism of Johnny's tattoos, by Elsa Sherman - from issue #3, April 2015

Turning Daydreams Into Sound
Jonny Hughes on Marr's signature sound - from issue #2, January 2015

I Am The Fly
An exclusive look behind the scenes of the UK Playland tour - from issue #2, January 2015

An analysis of the Johnny Marr aesthetic, by Melissa Roden - from issue #2, January 2015

Johnny Marr: Feminism, Women & a bit of gender
Insightful piece on Johnny's attitude towards gender roles, by Helen Angell - from issue #1, September 2014

Fast crash psychogeography
An analysis of the role of psychogeography in Johnny's work, by Aly Stevenson - from issue #1, September 2014

Get Involved
If you have something in mind for a potential article/feature, or even if you just know you want to write and are eager to brainstorm with us, please send us an e-mail at admin@johnnymarrvellous.com so that we can chat about your ideas.

For ideas as to what sort of pieces we're looking for, the contents of our existing issues should steer you in the right direction. If you're able to send us a sample of your written work (eg. previously written articles, blogs, etc.) with your e-mail, that would be very helpful.

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, please do not send in fully-written articles before talking to us about your idea. We would hate for you to go to all that trouble and then not be able to use your piece for one reason or another.

Many thanks in advance, and stay tuned for further updates!

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